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Social media is one of the most effective methods of promoting your business online, but it requires hard work and knowledge. Our team has more than 10 years of marketing experience.

If you don’t have the time to create new content and engage with an audience on social media (or don’t want to), you can depend on us to run your accounts – and do a great job!

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Our local business social media management package will help you increase your online presence, starting at just £199/month. Sign up one month and cancel the next, with no long-term contracts.


Here are some of the really usefull extras we give you when you sign up for our £199 per month plan

  • DAILY POST ON TWITTER – We will identify relevant trending content and #tags from your industry and competition and post updates on your account

  • FACEBOOK UPDATE – We will publish topics of interest to your fans and followers

  • INSTGRAM MANAGMENT – We will create interesting posts to your Insta account that will encourage engement from your potential audience and grow your likes and followers

  • HANDPICKED CURATED CONTENT – We will search the internet for the most relevant content related to your business and share the latest topics and trends with your audience.  This will help associate your brands as a leader in your field and increase your visibility with both your existing fans and followers and your potential new customers

  • REGULAR PROMOTION OF YOUR PRODUCTS – As well as all the clever stuff we do to promote your business, we will ensure we shout out about your products, services and solutions.  The right mix of promoting what you offer along with educating your audience about your business and your industry will increase your followers and ulitmately make your prospects think of you when they need your product or service.

  • DECICATED ACCOUNT MANAGER –  When you come onboard, we will assign you a dedicated Account manager who will be responsible for all your social media content being shared. feel free to contact them via your dedicated business whatsapp group

  • PROGRESS UPDATES  – Because social media is always live, you will have full access to your account whenever you wish.   You can get in touch with us whenver you want to look at how we are doing with growing your fans and followers and increasing your visibility within your target audience

  • UPGRADE ANY TIME – Things going well?  Are you noticing that the work we do with your social media channells is bringing in results? Then feel free to upgrade your account at any point.  Speak to your account manager to see whats best for your business. We are always happy to help

  • NEWSLETTER SIGN UP – If you want to communicate with your customers via a regular newsletter then let your designer know.  We will happily create you a simple sign up from on the website for you.   (Please note, charges may apply if you wish to integrate newsletter platforms such as Mailchimp, OptinMonster, Hubspot, Marketo etc)

  • UK BASED CONTENT SPECIALISTS – Your account manager and content specialists are all UK based.  Why?  Because you have told us you prefer it.  Also, because in order to fully appreciate whats happening in your industry, its better that our team of social media experts live in the UK.  That way they will be up to date on all things that are happening that could help your business grow.

  • IS THERE A CONTRACT?  – No!  You can cancel or change your plan whenever you want.  Payment is taken on a rolling monthly basis..

  • CAN I MAKE CONTENT REQUESTS – Of course you can ! If their is specific content that you want  on your social media channels, then just let your account manager know and they will add it accordingly to your social media accounts.

  • CAN I STILL REPLY AND POST TO MY OWN SOCIA MEDIA ACCOUNTS?   – For sure!  Whilst you can stay involved in looking after your social media as much or as little as you like, we absolutely encourage you to stay engaged.   The work we do a lot of the time will encourage potential customers to want to talk to you and buy what your offering.  So by staying active and watching for messages and notifications as the come through, you will always be ready to engage when your customers make the call.

  • DO YOU HAVE ANY REVIEWS OR TESTIMONIALS?   – We certainly do.  You can check out what people think of all our services over on our reviews page.  You will see on this page a mix of reviews, testimonials and case studies from our clients.