Project Description

Unhappy with existing website provider

Neil at Widnes Auto electrical had been unhappy with his website provider for a while.  He had been spending a lot of money every month with Yell and their directory Yellow pages for a number of years but only ever got to see a rep once a year.  Each year they would always try to sell him something new and more expensive without ever giving a great justification or service for it.  With the decline in the books and increasing costs of his digital offering of website, and Google adwords, Neil decided it was time to explore other options.

Neil spoke with his friends over at R&L Motors as they had recently had their website built by Hot Web Design, a local web design company in Widnes.

What Neil was looking for

Ideally for his new digital partner, Neil was looking for a local company who could meet face to face as and when needed to grow the online presence of Widnes Auto Electrical Services.  This meant that he would need a brand new mobile responsive website that would rank in Google for his key searches like auto electrician in Widnes, car electrician in Widnes etc.

Google Adwords

In addition Neil wanted look at ways in which he was in control of what he spent on his monthly google adwords.  Previously, Yell had not been very forthcoming in sharing with him what they actually did regarding targeting key words.  He was often getting enquiries for things he didn’t want like, household electricians services, or mobile mechanics.  Ultimately this was money down the drain.

Local SEO

The old website only had a few landing pages, little content and no facility to write blogs and build a solid content strategy.  In order to have a plan for local SEO content and blog writing are important to help your website rank.  He wanted to rank naturally for his keywords and key locations around Widnes, Warrington, and surrounding areas.  By targeting in this way, traffic would increase to his website.   Having spoken to his rep at Yell on several occasions to address these issues and needs, Neil lost confidence and approached Hot Web Design (thats us!) to see if they were able to help.

Brand New Website and Digital Marketing Plan

Having initially spoken with Neil over the phone to understand some outline requirements, our MD visited Widnes Auto Electrical garage in Person.  This gave both of us an opportunity to get to know each other and find out if we would enjoy working together.  For us, the most important part of any project is ensuring both the client and ourselves are on the same wavelength.  This gives everyone confidence that we will do what we say we will.   For Neil, this was equally important.

During the meeting we conducted a full website, keyword and Google Adwords audit to help identify what was wrong and what was needed.  From this we could see that his old website was not mobile friendly.  Furthermore, for his key searches  he wasn’t being found high on the search engines.  Of most importance here was the fact that for his existing Google Adwords campaign managed by, he was appearing for phrases that were not relevant.  This was leading to wasted clicks and wasted money.  Around £500 a month wasted money to be exact!

The Solution

New Website: Having looked closely at what was required, we knew immediately what we could do to help.  By building a new website that was modern, professional, and mobile friendly, right away we could improve the visual aspect for his audience.  We explained to Neil that we would create a new website that would appeal to his audience and encourage them to engage with him via the telephone and new contact form.  In addition we would also give him the ability to easily update his website himself with the option of adding unlimited pages and blogs himself.

Digital Marketing Plan:  In addition to building a new website, having reviewed his ranking in the search engines, his target keywords, and his Google Adwords performance, we were able to offer Neil a package costing half the price of Yell with twice the impact!   We promised local SEO along with a revamped Goolge Adwords plan that targeted the keywords he needed in the locations required.

Here’s what we offered Neil:

  • A new 10 page Website for £600 delivered within 8 weeks
  • Local SEO plan for £100 per month to achieve page 1 ranking for his keywords in the natural search listings for Google
  • A FREE advert every month on Widnes Life
  • A FREE article written for him every month for his website
  • 1 free article published on Widnes Life each month
  • Google Adwords savings of almost £400 per month based on his current performance with Yell
  • Everything delivered to an amazing standard within 6 months

Our Roadmap to success

Having sent our ideas across to Neil outlining how we intended to achieve a better digital experience whilst saving him money that was being spent with YELL we eagerly awaited Neil’s response.  We were please to say it didn’t take long.  With 24 hours Neil called us to give us permission to get started.



Depending on the size of the project, this step is crucial. Understanding your target audience, competitors, and goals is an extremely important starting point for any successful design project. During this phase, we work out a proper site map and flow, create mood boards, structure content and gather all the appropriate assets. This phase helps us understand the challenges and solutions we’ll provide with creative design. Armed with this information, we can build a website that works for your customers, not just you, and not just us.  This is exactly what we did for Widnes Auto Electrical.


Before we start designing the site, we create wireframes that outline the general layouts and components the designs should include. This can be a combination of sketches, whiteboard diagrams and/or wireframe prototypes. This process maps out and helps ensure that all of the most important information and expected elements are in place, and gives us a good guide on how the site pages should be laid out and flow. Think of this as the blueprints or plans you need before building a house. Once completed, we’ll review with the client to refine for accuracy and use it as the basis for page elements as we design the layouts.


Working closely with our creative director, our lead designer will design the graphics and mock up a concept for the new website’s home page, while keeping your industry, preferences, and target audience in mind. Our standard projects generally include multiple design concepts with revisions, as needed, to finalise the design. We then mock up any other key pages of the site’s design that require special layouts, while ensuring the look and feel of all pages are consistent site wide. For responsive designs, we even mock up mobile formats of every page for review. In this case once Neil was happy we finished the build ready for review and testing.


When all of the website has been completed, we will review and test the entire website with you. We then provide training for any administration tools that your site may require. Finally, we always carry out a thorough audit and the finishing touches will be completed in preparation for launch.


Once the website was finished to the standards required by Neil (finished with a week to spare I might add!)  we moved to the online marketing phase.  For this stage we needed to conduct a full keyword review that included:

  • Creation of Keyword target list
  • Creation of a Negative Keyword list
  • Directory Listing update for key local online directories
  • Target all of the relevant towns
  • Target keywords and locations that users search
  • Not alienate any towns/counties
  • Not alienate visitors from outside the area, that still might be potential customers
  • Localised Landing pages
  • Reputation management and social -look at your online reviews and your social media prescence
  • Google Business registration
  • Google Analytics registration
  • Google Webmasters installation
  • Competition analyisis
  • Website content
  • Meta Titles and Descriptions
  • Back link profile
  • Internal link profile

In short, Google looks at over 200 different factors when considering the ranking of each web page. In each search term, by using our knowledge of these factors we are able to apply changes to your site as well as increasing your company’s online presence to assist your position in Google and other search engines. SEO is also most effective when used as part of a complete online marketing campaign.   The Best part is, if you use this knowledge, along with key finding from your conversion rates on Google Adwords campaigns, you can improve your website to get better results.  This is exactly the process followed for Neil.  The result was perfect.  We achieve all our goals in less than 5 months.  That’s almost 2 months to spare.


As part of our strategy to deliver high search rankings for the natural listings we can safely say that Widnes Auto Electrical services are achieving Top rankings for all the targeted key words in and around Widnes:

  • Auto electricians
  • Car electricians
  • Auto electrical services
  • Car electrics
  • and many more related keywords and phrases

Google Adwords Results

Based on the agreed budgets Widnes Auto appear for all the key phrases related to their business.  The Best part is, they only pay if someone actually clicks on the website.

Local Marketing:

In addition to the website, seo, and google adwords, for no extra charge, we have negotiated a 12 month relationship with Widnes Life to for adverts and editorial content on their new local website.  Already we have seen an increase in traffic for Widnes Auto.  The team at Widnes Life also kindly send out regular tweets about everything that we are doing for Neil.



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