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Widnes Auto Electrics

Widnes Auto Electrics

Widnes Auto Electrical Services have been with us for almost two years. In that time we have built them a fully responsive website and we have even taught them on how to manipulate the website to their needs, by adding pages, blog posts and even how to edit the already existing pages that are there. We do this for many, if not all of our customers as this helps to build a relationship with the customer so that we’re not only providing websites for them, but also on-site training and extra services that they require.

Currently Widnes Auto Electrical Services are ranking #1 on Google for a number of phrases such as “Car Electrics Widnes”. This is one of their most searched for phrases as they repair and find faults in vehicles that are caused by the electrical parts within the vehicle itself.  

Hot Web Design first approached me in 2014 and built me a great site. Since then they have been helping me with SEO and managing the website with fresh content and blogs! Neil - Widnes Auto