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Advanced PHP Course

Advanced Web & PHP

What will I learn?

  • OOP in PHP
  • UML: Unified Modelling Language
  • OOP Design Patterns
  • Advanced SQL and PDO
  • Using the MySQL Query Optimizer
  • PHP Security
  • Htaccess
  • Process Files with PHP
  • Process XML with PHP
  • SOAP and RESTful Web Services
  • Extend PHP with PEAR.
  • PHP Best Practices
  • PHP Frameworks
  • Introduction to Zend PHP Framework

Advanced PHP Course


Advanced PHP Course overview

Learn about PHP  – Do you want to become comfortable using PHP?  Our advanced PHP course in London is set up to help you learn all about the key methods used in modern web design.  Your tutor will teach you how to build modern responsive websites helping you become familiar with the most commonly used software

Throughout the course, you will learn about the key techniques used to build responsive websites that make an impact. Spending one-0n-one time with our experienced tutor, you will be able to get a feel for the industry and expand your knowledge of the software.

All our trainers are highly experienced and skilled in all aspects of building websites.  We also make all our courses as flexible as possible by offering week day, evening, and weekend courses to ensure that we fit the courses around your busy schedule.  Whether you prefer to work in a classroom environment or on a 1:1 basis we will fit the course to suit you.  Get in touch to select the best method of learning for you and your budget.

Requirements for our Advanced PHP course

To attend this course you must be familiar with basic use of computers and internet. You must be able to create/copy/rename/delete folders and files on your computer. Typing skills are beneficial. If you are not fully familiar with such topics, please make sure you have some practice before course starts.

You will need a good knowledge of HTML & CSS, if you don’t know these languages, please consider enrolling yourself on our HTML5 & CSS3 courses.

You should have good experience in using PHP, if you havent used PHP before, please enrol on our PHP training course before you start this one.
Keep in mind weekday courses are very intensive; if you have little or no experience at all, please consider enrolling on evening or weekend courses.

What will I learn?

  • Hands on tutoring from experienced PHP experts:

Our consultants are well experienced in the art of teaching and delivering PHP courses. They will walk students through the syllabus step by step with a practical approach to ensure delegates get the most from the course.

  • First time at Wed design or looking to build a website for your business

If you are new to the advanced side of PHP then this course will be perfect for you. During the course the tutor will be able to demonstrate not only how to build a website, but they will even build you your own website to work on.  This will give you the opportunity to have a fully functioning live website to use both during and after the course

  • Course Material:

Once registered all Delegates will receive an advanced PHP electronic welcome pack – all course presentation notes will be provided on completion of your course

  • Course Completion Certificate:

All our courses are fully certified.  On Completion of your course you will receive a Certificate of achievement

  • Support and ongoing Advice:

All our trainers are more than happy to keep in touch with you after you have finished your course.  Our Web Media team can give you advice on anything from Web site development, a career in Web Design  to Marketing your website if you are looking to build an online prescence for your business.  Just keep in touch – We are here to help

Do you need more information about this course.  Leave your details and we will be in touch…